Understanding Child Custody Laws

Child custody and access to children is not an automatic part of the divorce process in the UK. There... 

Preparation for Child Custody Court Ordered Mediation

In cases where it is child custody is contested, family lawyers therapists and mediators can help get... 

Tips For Avoiding A Divorce

If you have a marriage in trouble but you want to avoid divorce, you should know that you have great... 

PASSION Ration cited in Divorce

The Passion Ration The last straw to finalize divorce proceedings in a marriage is when adultery is committed.... 

The Truth About Solicitors

During the matter of my divorce (that’s legal talk – it’s always the matter of this and the matter... 

Legal Update – Owners Corporation Act (2006)

The Owners Corporation Act (the ‘Act’) was passed on 14 September 2006 and received assent... 

Closure After Divorce

Finding closure after divorce is an on-going process. Over time, as you nurture yourself with healthy... 

Joint Custody in Divorce

There had been a growing trend, in Ontario, in family and divorce law, over the last few years, for family... 

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